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AHM Trading & Transports was established to provide services in oil & gas industry in 1997 and expanded its service in 2007. As a company owning years of experiences in service oriented support to energy sector, we are mainly focusing to provide service support for companies working in oil & gas sector in the Sultanate. The AHM Oilfield Services is now near to its goal and strategy, initiated in 2007. The strategy is known as Shared Vision and aims to rebuild the company and revitalize the AHM Trading & Transports as Oilfield Services combining its previous activities along with involvement in new sectors for creative business interest in oil & Gas Sector and other markets as well. AHM Oilfield Services is now located at Al Azhaiba in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, its postal address is PO Box. 131, PC. 115, MSQ and founded by Abdullah Hamood Mohammed Al Shukaili, a highly experienced with forty years of technical and managerial work experience in a multi national oil & gas company. His ability to build strategy is the secret of our progress. Under this esteem leadership the company is operated with trustworthiness that have established an internal culture of being honest and straightforward. We do what we say and follow through in treating our business with the proper respect and flexibility that our valued customers deserve.



AHM Oilfield Services’ mission is to be a part of rapid growth of the Sultanate, especially in energy sector and in booming construction sector. We value human intelligence and there for to provide our service through professionals capable for related sectors to assist and facilitate Local and International companies in Oman. . We are committed in providing the best and safe working atmosphere for our employees and their long term growth. We will pursue this vision with determination and a boundless spirit and demonstrate our belief in its ultimate reality through our decisions, actions and reactions everyday at AHM.


To become a systematic service provider and supplier, employing the best business practices. We shall achieve this by being the first choice as a total service provider and supplier in the sector of its operations. We are committed to provide necessary training to accomplish the goal of Omanization to Omani youth to make them self reliant according to their capabilities and the fields interested.



AHM believes in our values of integrity, accountability, trust and transparency and teamwork that shape our Health & Safety excellence. Because we well understand of some specific characteristics of petroleum industry, in normal operation there are always risk of injury and pollution, especially when accidents happen. To reduce this risk factor it is in need of effective implementation of Health & Safety system. We believe that it is a social responsibility of any company that engage to business in petroleum industry to develop a health & safety culture constantly to settle the staff’s health and safe work atmosphere, improve the working environment and through that express commitment to society effectively. The company aims to make this culture sustain not only in energy sector but in all its activities and promote in our employees’ individual life.

Our uncompromised HSE practices led us to a safe work satisfying our client without any major incidents. The briefly recorded HSE performance statistics shows our excellence.



Service Interaction

AHM Oilfield Services value its clients and their requirements in a systematic way. Every client’s required projects has its pre planned strategy, which matches our in-house capabilities, so as to provide immediate ongoing monitoring of the whole work process. We create comprehensive solutions for all our clients’ requirements. Having many years of experience in excellent undertaking of projects from reputed energy sector contractors, and supply of transport facility and equipments we earned the continuous service quality ensuring professionals’ skills specifically for oil and gas industry, power industry, construction, heavy engineering etc.

This quality is acquired by adopting a method of interaction with our clients as below;

  • Understanding the client
  • Seek and agree their requirements
  • Meet the resources with compliant specifications from the client,
  • Seek feedback from ongoing projects and services,
  • Continually strive to identify and eliminate troubles of service to improve the work process and enhance service quality.


As we highlighted in our profile, we undertake professionally and technically to do supporting our valuable clients and we will take that opportunity to multiply our business and reputation evaluating progress time to time. Hence we are totally dedicated to perform excellence of our services.

Our Team

Abdullah Hamood Mohd.Al Shukaili
Abdullah Hamood Mohd.Al Shukaili


Salim Al. Haddabi
Salim Al. Haddabi

General Manager

Akhil dasan
Akhil dasan

Project Manager

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