AHM Oilfield Services provides services personnel transport by its typically specified vehicles as required by our valued clients. As our focus of services is in oil and gas sector, we normally use modified vehicles as per the Petroleum Development Oman specifications. Personnel transport is in a category of high risk and there for we follow all the safety rules and regulations of PDO and little more extra specifications to fulfill some of our valued clients’ requirements. Our experience with multi national oilfield contractors helps us to ensure the quality of our transport services.

The accuracy in maintenance of our vehicles makes us confident to assure safe journey of clients’ passengers. We have vehicles suitable for your requirements for hire for long term and short term as well. This kind of vehicles proposed to be hired can be modified as per your additional specifications if required.

We have professionally trained and experienced journey managers to manage our journeys safely. Our trained drivers make the safer transportation possible and we mould them to learn a behavioral driving attitude as the part of their life as and driving safety instructions are communicated properly Crew Transportation Additionally, our personnel transportation which concerns extra safety being in high risk category, we follow the safety features of some of our major clients additionally to the PDO specs. Below are some of the details of the additional specs fixed with our vehicles.

  • Roll Over Protection Bar of MS sch 40 pipe
  • Each rows of seats will be fitted with RDMD
  • Backrest secured with Roll Over
  • 3point retractable seatbelt fitted to Roll Over
  • 3 point seat belts on driver & passenger seats All other required specs as per SP2000 Rev.3
  • Optional Specs:
  • Remove last row of seats to allow cargo area if required additional cargo space.
  • Cargo area separated by upper half mesh and lower half with MS Sheet
  • Front cargo Space if optional cargo space at back row is not required
  • 3point seat belt without Roll Over Bar